Accapto Project

The aim of ACCAPTO is supporting app developers to integrate accessibility from the beginning. With model-driven development one can design and implement a accessible app prototyp.


ACCAPTO - ACCesibble APp TOolkit

Accapto is a command line tool that creates a basic app structure from an xml input file. model.xml -> accapto -> Android Prototyp -> Android Studio

Krainz, E., and K. Miesenberger. "Accapto, a Generic Design and Development Toolkit for Accessible Mobile Apps." Studies in health technology and informatics 242 (2017): 660.
Presentation AAATE2017

A11y Example

Example for Accessibility in Android

This project shows some example to implement accessible Android apps. Some ideas are inspired form this project Features

Online Tool

To generate an accesible android app prototype, one needs a model description in XML.
For easy modeling a web-based model-editor was created. (conzept: Elmar Krainz, implementation Bernhard Kober)
  • conzept - Elmar Krainz
  • implementation - Bernhard Kober

About this page

This website is part of my Phd thesis on model-driven development for accessible mobile apps.

Elmar Krainz: elmar.krainz -at-
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